With a failing, cracking brick façade, this local property owner required engineered repairs to ensure the ongoing safety of both the tenant and their investment. After approaching Visage they were keen to look into refurbishing the entire façade and replacing the hardstand at the same time.

The final solution delivered by Visage Projects included a new façade and car park with structural, architectural and aesthetic features all delivered through our ability to provide an ‘all-in-one experience’. Completion was on budget and on time with the property tenant’s production not being disturbed during construction.

  • New Facade – Existing Brick Façade was demolished and replaced with Structural Steel & Aluminium Cladding
  • Complete New Carpark – Replacement of the car park area provides a safer and cleaner environment
  • Striking Finishes – An ‘Eye-Catching’ appearance with the use of Aluminium, Render and Fresh Concrete