With a failing, cracking brick façade, this local property owner required engineered repairs to ensure the ongoing safety of both the tenant and their investment. After approaching Visage they were keen to look into refurbishing the entire façade and replacing the hardstand at the same time.

The final solution delivered by Visage Projects included a new façade and car park with structural, architectural and aesthetic features all delivered through our ability to provide an ‘all-in-one experience’. Completion was on budget and on time with the property tenant’s production not being disturbed during construction.

  • New Facade – Existing Brick Façade was demolished and replaced with Structural Steel & Aluminium Cladding
  • Complete New Carpark – Replacement of the car park area provides a safer and cleaner environment
  • Striking Finishes – An ‘Eye-Catching’ appearance with the use of Aluminium, Render and Fresh Concrete

This local chiropractic practice came to Visage to inject some new life into the old building they originally ‘reluctantly bought’ 11 years ago. Dr Joe, owner of Bremer Chiropractic wasn’t sure what he wanted it to look like but from the very first concept Visage presented, they knew it was “what they wanted to do right away”. 

From there Visage delivered the entire project from planning and approvals through to construction and completion. Throughout this, the practice was able to stay open the entire time. Within a week of revealing the fresh, new façade, Bremer Chiro had already experienced some amazing benefits from the refurbishment:

  • New Local Customers – “People are noticing us for the first time in 11 years!”
  • Branding is now a local landmark – “we now tell people we are the ‘big b’ on the corner”
  • Increased Staff Morale – “We feel more proud” of where we work

Another well-known Brisbane venue, the Alliance Hotel is a notable refurbishment that Daniel (Founder of Visage) completed back in the early 2000’s. The works which incorporated heritage requirements brought new life to the property and the venue’s street appeal.

Door, Cladding, Roof and Flashing repair and replacement works completed for an upcoming audit.